Wednesday, December 9, 2009

One of Those Days

Ever had one of those days where you are completely overwhelmed by God's goodness?!
Amazed at His kindness.
In awe of His faithfulness.
A day where you see the Holy Spirit working out details only He could orchestrate.
A day where you are so tired and empty...yet you are sustained from being on a spiritual high.
A day where you close it out crying tears of Joy with dozens of people that have prayed with you through grief and joy.

I just had one of those days. God is Good.


Anonymous said...

I prayed for you on the way to bring Lila Jane's gift. I prayed blessings on your precious family and I prayed that on days when you need Him most, He would be all you need! :o)
Love you and Lila Jane is beautiful!
Amy Wade

Anonymous said...

I was crying last night for sure! She is just beautiful and you and Drew are so sweet to let us borrow her as baby Jesus :-) I'm sure you've been blessed with many gifts upon her arrival, but if you want to borrow anything it's still available. Love you guys and am praying for you still! ~ Beth Ramsey

Alix said...

That is awesome!!

Paige Stanfield said...

Where's the "like" button on this blog??? :-)

One Hot Mama said...

Thank you for your incredible thoughts and words at brunch. I am still thinking about and being inspired by all you said and by what God is doing in your life.

Plain Ryn said...

We rode by your home on the way to deliver some gifts for Angel Tree last weekend and I was struck by the joyful light emanating from all sides! I have been praising Him for Lila Jane and your family and am so thrilled to see the photos. Thank you for sharing. A blessed and wonder-filled Christmas for all of you. (and GO Dawgs a few days after!) Beth P.

Paige Stanfield said...

Hey Nita! Got your wonderful card today and I have added it to my collection on my kitchen wall! We are skipping cards again this year - Dave Ramsey says we have to wait one more year. I hope that you guys have a wonderful Christmas - what in the world does one buy for a girl???? :-)