Friday, February 20, 2009

Unexpected Guests

You may remember that we received this bird feeder on Day Four of our "12 Days of Christmas". The tag attached read "For Calling Birds." We have so enjoyed seeing the birds come to feed. It was helpful when Mason had to keep a bird log for his Animal Science. Barrett has made it his job to remind his Daddy when they need to refill it with food. Asa has done a good job restraining from 'picking off' the little birdies with his BB gun. Yes, our old Copper Bird Feeder had a few BB dings that made their way in the side of it four years ago. Oh, it takes great restraint when you are born with that outdoor hunting gene yet live in the middle of the suburbs! My Grandmother B. used to say it was 'just born' in her boys. I didn't understand but now I do.

Well, yesterday afternoon, I yelled for Asa to get his shotgun...I mean his video camera. I was getting off the treadmill (first time in almost two weeks so that is important to mention) when I looked outside the basement window that is below the bird feeder. At first I thought, "Oh there are the geese from the lake in the neighborhood down the hill." Then as I looked again I noticed they weren't geese but TURKEYS! And there were 7 of them! This may not be a surprise to those of you who live in the country. But folks, we live in a highly populated area of Metro Atlanta. Our home does sit on some acreage and we have seen some creatures other than your regular squirrels and chipmunks like deer, foxes and hawks but never Seven Turkeys!!. Our chocolate lab Dakota was even out in the front yard.

Asa's commentary on his video is, "There are seven turkeys outside our basement window. Oh my gosh, I am shaking." The birds hung around for about thirty minutes. We got some up close viewing time. We called Daddy Curt on the phone and described the turkeys to him. He informed us they were all males or young 'jakes.'

I have to admit while I sat there and watched them feed I thought about the story in the Bible where God sends His chosen people, the Israelites, manna and quail from heaven. As told in the book of Exodus 16, the story takes place as they have been led by Moses out of captivity in Egypt into the wilderness. God provided for their every need, every day. They are hot, tired, hungry and begin to grumble. They forget all that God has done for them; the way He has led them and protected them. But God in His goodness provides food for them by sending manna and quail from Heaven. I know quail are a little smaller than turkeys but hey, God can send turkeys. I thought 7 turkeys would surely supply us some meat to eat for a month or two. I have been trying to save on my grocery bill. In this economy, I was real tempted to let Asa take a shot!

The event did provide some excitement to our day. It reminded me you never know what lies ahead especially when you are in the "wilderness."

I have found myself in some sort of "wilderness" the past two weeks. I am still asking the Lord to search me and reveal what it is and when He does I'll be able to put my finger on it. Until then I think it is just a combination of everything. It has been very emotional coming off the year anniversary of Brock's death. I was so glad we made it through January without anyone being sick. However February has found us a little yucky; our emotions and our physical bodies. I had the cold thing the first week. Then last week I took Asa into the Doctor's office with a fever and headache. Our precious doctor, Dr.Bob Smith explained that January this year was very slow and that they have been seeing so many viruses, including flu again this month. I just started to cry. I secretly had hoped we had made it through this year's season without being sick. Turns out Asa did not have the flu but did have strep.

Well, today Mason woke up with a fever. I know in my head not to fear and that we are not exempt from sicknesses for the rest of our life. Believe me, I have asked God if that were possible. Yet something in my stomach tightens when I feel their forehead hot with fever and they are achy all over like the flu. I speak words of encouragement and assurance to them while asking the Lord to help me believe the words I am saying.

This morning while I was getting ready, I was having a conversation with the Lord ( I was a little grumpy) in explaining that this was not what I had hoped for my day today. For some strange reason He reminded me of the Turkeys from yesterday. I didn't know they were part of my day yesterday. How come we easily accept the good but see the bad as an inconvenience? You see even though the turkeys were not my "manna and quail" for the table they served as my manna from the Lord. They reminded me that God is with me providing all I need. They reminded me that my life is His, and I have asked Him to show me what He has for me each day. They remind me that He knows what my day holds. They reminded me of how much He has done for me. Oh Lord let me never forget:

When times are good, be happy but when times are bad consider: God has made the one as well as the other. Therefore a man can not discover anything about his future." Ecc 7:14

All of it serves for my refinement if I will let it. Thank you Lord!


Henley on the Horn said...

Nita, I always look forward to your posts. I check every day . Thank you for so boldly sharing. I will pray for quick healing for Mason. I do think of you so often, and I think your fears are very normal considering all that you have been through. Thankfully, God is sovereign and He is in control. We are not control of our days or even how many we have. I know you know that full well. Trust that He hears your cries. He is carrying you!! Sometimes I think we don't know we're being carried until we look back and see that He was indeed with us. Hang in there.

Lindsey said...

I pray that the boys are feeling better! Turkeys?!? Only God could have orchestrated that! All my love and prayers!

Victoria said...

I second Lindsay's comment - God is orchestrating what the birds are doing just to help you in your journey. The pictures are great and thank you for reminding us of God's provision. I hope everyone feels better very soon.

Paige Stanfield said...

Just stopping in to check on you this morning - I hope you have a good day.

Chris said...

What a BEAUTIFUL story to share with us of how Barett accepted Jesus into his heart and decided to let everyone know. It reminds us ALL of the privilege and JOY we have to share his of his love with everyone . I SO enjoy your updates and marveling at how AWESOME God is; that he loves us so much to take so much time to be apart of so many aspects of ya'lls journey. It is a BEAUTIFUL reflection of the wonder of who he is !! Thank you for sharing these moments . They have blessed me !