Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Few Details

Wow! Thank you for praying. I wanted to give you a few updates:

First we have been feeling your prayers covering us this week as we approach Saturday. I had two really dark days Monday and Tuesday of this week but am feeling better today. Thanks so much. We need you!

Mason has been sleeping through the night with out nightmares since Friday. Praise God! Thank you for praying and praise God for such tangible results.

Many of you have asked about getting a Brockie-Band of your own. It looks like we will be ordering more so email me at if you would like one. Or, you can also leave a comment on the blog.

I have tried to make it easier for some of you to receive a notice about when I post. Several have asked how to be notified. I think there are several easy ways. You can have it delivered to your email if you sign up over in the side bar where it asks for email. You can also subscribe which means it will show up in your blogger - reader account. You must register your name with blogger, which is totally safe. If I have to explain much more, this is probably not the best for you:) Don't worry I didn't know before a few days ago. Also you can become a follower. This way you are notified on your blogger dashboard when I update. Hope that is clear as mud.

We finalized our plans for Saturday. We want you to know. We hope it will be very informal but with a time of praise and worship around 4pm. If you can drop by, please do. This is the first time I have felt like I wanted to have some sort of gathering. We recognized that since the 31st falls on Saturday, it could get to be a really long day if it was just us. We would love to gather with those of you that have prayed for us for some fellowship. The details are as follows:

  • Please accept this informal invitation to gather around 3:30 for a time of worship, singing and prayer starting precisely at 4:00.
  • For those that can stay, we will be having a good old fashioned “potluck” dinner afterwards. Please bring a dish to share with others as we “break bread” together.
  • There will also be an optional opportunity for a video scrapbook where you can share your favorite memory of our little guy.
Since Saturdays are crazy for everyone, if you cannot come at 3:30, please feel free to drop by anytime during the day; we will be home. And if you cannot come at all, we certainly understand and just ask that you pray for us at 4:00.

Gratefully, in His arms,
Drew, Nita, Asa, Mason & Barrett Meadows

Email me if you need directions at

We are also going to be taking lunch as a family to the Fire Station that responded to the 911 call the afternoon Brock died. Pray for that encounter. Thanks so much. God bless you!


Anonymous said...

Carrie Loomis here again :) I would love love LOVE a bracelet. The easiest way to get me one would be to give it to my mom or dad since I'm at college. Then they can mail it to me. Whatever works for you!

Beth said...

The Selfs will be there. We will leave Chattanooga around 1pm so should be there by 3pm.
I love you!

Anonymous said...

Nita, I am in Drew's BBL group. I wanted you to know I've been praying for your and your family all fall long. I didn't know the exact date of when Brock went to Heaven.

Grief is a very, very long journey. Sometimes you feel like you are in a foreign land where no one speaks your language. I am glad that you receive comfort from this blog.

I will continue to pray for everyone in your family, especially on Saturday. It helps getting past the first anniversary - not that 'it doesn't still hurt' - it does, STILL! And again, some more.

Thank you for your reminder that when life is at its worst, God is at His best.

Blessings, Sarah Luce

Lynn McCray said...

Nita - this blog is so heartwarming. I just spoke with Drew and told him that I just ran across some emails with pictures of Brock in them on Tuesday. It made me just embrace him all over again. I know he is keeping God straight up there with his beautiful spirit and his smile. Know that your family is in the McCray family's daily prayers, especially as we near the anniversary of Brock's ascendancy to God's side. He was needed there. We love you guys!