Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Girl Named Lila Jane

A few days after she was born, my computer page had this banner:

She certainly has changed our world. We are head over heels in love. She has brought pink to every room in our home!

When she wears a new outfit, she has caused even big brothers to say in a high-pitched voice, "Aww! She looks sooo cute."

She has them wrapped around her finger.

Love bridges the gap between their years.

She is so easy going. Or should I say, she goes with us everywhere:

She is such a good baby. She smiles at everyone. She will melt your heart when she looks into your eyes.

She has brought us so much joy. When we look at her, we are reminded of God's love and kindness to us. She didn't replace Brockie. She didn't take away the grief. She does lend her head to catch my tears. She lends her cheek when I need to remember a kiss.

She has been with us for 4 months now.

...she still feels so new!

She loves her big brothers' shoulders just as much as her Mommy and Daddy's. Barrett can carry her just like the rest of us.

This thrills him.

Her latest trick...she has found her tongue:

She tries to smile with it still sticking out when we say, "I see your tongue."

She loves to play with her toys:

Although she does not get to play too long by herself.

She loves to eat, uh, I mean kiss her dolly.

She has grown now to 14 lbs and 25-1/2 inches tall. We wish she could stay our baby doll forever.

She has been sleeping through the night for a while now.

She is precious. She has changed our world. And...

...something tells me she knows that she has.


{ jamie } said...

That is quite a knowing look she's giving the camera in that last photo! ;)

Paige Stanfield said...

She is totally smirking at the camera in that last picture ("Oh yeah, I'm the princess . . .") Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Love this peek into her life! Too precious! Barrett looks great with his missing tooth, too! Thank you.

MrsL said...

Precious little blessing.

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful! Love seeing all the smiles. Nita and Beth, thanks for sharing! Erin G.

Paul Trotti (Sr) said...

What a blessing she is, Nita ! She is beautiful. And what a blessing you and Drew and the boys are to her !!

I know God is smiling.

Paul Trotti (Sr)

Salina said...

She is so cute, I could eat her with a spoon! Thank you for sharing this precious little one.

Hugs, Salina

Susie said...

She is absolutely precious! I just want to kiss those soft little cheeks! Sending lots of love and happiness your way. Susie

Amy said...

I am so happy to see the joy that this little darling baby brings you and your family. She is gorgeous and just glows with a light from within, doesn't she?