Monday, May 3, 2010

Hope there's ice cream in Heaven

**Read all the way to the end and help us vote for Brock**

This past weekend I watched 6 baseball games...'tis the season. I have shared before how I think of Brock so much when I am at the Ball Fields. The beginning of the season catches me off guard every time. Brock was born March 3rd, the start of little league baseball season. He was at the fields as early as 4 weeks old watching his brothers...

He crawled all over the park -

He literally even took his first steps at the ball field -

One summer, when he was old enough to "eat" his own ice cream -

Mason played on an All-Star Team that had a winning season. Every time the team would win, the coach would take them out for ice cream, at Bruster's , of course. As Brock would have it, we would always order him a cone. He would not lick it or bite it, he would smoosh it into his mouth. He didn't want me to help him or hold it for him. So with his eating technique and the hot summer sun, it would soon be all over him. He knew he was cute! All the boys and parents would smile and laugh at him. Just like always...he was our entertainment.

I have so many pictures of him eating Bruster's ice cream -

So many that after the slide show at Brock's funeral, Drew even made mention of the inadvertent Bruster's endorsement in his words of love .

The other day I got an email about a contest that Bruster's is having. It is a picture contest. They are looking for pictures that capture your favorite Bruster's moment. I really had a hard time deciding on which one to enter as I had quite a few:

This one....

Or this one, taken by Lindsey, one of Brock's babysitter friends, in the Fall just before he died in January....

...I saw this picture for the first time days after Brock died. When I looked at the picture, I felt as if Brock was saying to me, "Taste and see... Taste and see, Mommie....Taste and see that the Lord is good." (Psalm 34:8) I repeat those words out loud every time I look at the picture, even while sitting in the funeral ceremony. Obviously, it holds a special place in my heart.

I finally decided on this one...

I love the little smile on his puckered lips. I love the drips down his little arm. I adore seeing his little hands in action. His eyes are so telling. I remember the mess all over him. I think it is funny that the sprinkles are even on Drew's leg. Gosh...I could eat him up.

Will you help us by voting for this picture in the contest? Click here. It is a Facebook contest. You can vote once each day until May 15th. Please tell all your "friends". Thanks so much for supporting us in this fun memory of Brock.


Anonymous said...

I voted and pasted onto FB! Precious photo and definite favorite of the ones you included!
Beth P

Tina said...

What precious memories! We will be voting.

Henley on the Horn said...

You know you always have our vote! These pictures made me smile and cry. Nita, we are still praying for you all!!!!