Saturday, January 31, 2009

January 31

The final friends have just left around 10pm. I wanted to give a quick update on today. I am so tired and my feet are hurting. I will promise to write more, but I knew there were so many of you praying that I wanted to just give a quick word.

The day was beautiful. In all ways, God orchestrated the details. The weather was perfect. I was so thankful that the sun was out as wet dreary days seem to have an affect on my mood.

This morning Drew and I shared a hard cry in our bedroom. Then we were fine as the first visitors came around 10am.

We took lunch to the fire station. I found out on Friday that two of the EMT's that came to our home a year ago were actually working today. We got to meet them, say thank you, give them a Brockie Band and pray with them. It was a sweet time. We cried all the way home.

More visitors helped move us into the 4pm hour. At that point many people, I mean lots of people, I mean an overwhelming amount of people each lit a candle from our Brockie Remembrance candle and proceeded out of our home to stand on the front lawn. There we had a beautiful time of singing songs. Drew shared a few words. We worshiped and we cried. We opened it up for everyone to have a "say so" about the way the Lord has worked in their life this year through Brock's life and death. We cried more. "God our Father" was the last song. Brock loved this little song. Every time we visit the graveside we sing it as a family first the way it is written and then the second time like this : God our Father, God our Father, We thank you, We thank you, For our little Brockie, For our little Brockie, Amen, Amen. We all sang it that way to close the worship time today. Then we enjoyed food and fellowship with one another. It was a beautiful day of remembering Brock, praising the Lord and loving on one another.

So thankful for all of you that prayed and came. We love you!

I promise I'll write more and fill in the details, for now I am going to cry my final tears for this day and get some sleep.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nita,

Today I cleaned out my 2009 Polar Bear 5k gift bag--I found the Brockie band and for the first time read about your son. I do not know you or your family, but your story has touched me so deeply. I often have a hard time understanding why tragic events occur, but the effect Brock's story has had on me makes me wonder if one of God's purposes in tragedies is to open others eyes to his plan. Today my husband were fighting and complaining about how unhappy we were with the size of the house and how we needed more furniture. I was cleaning out my overflowing closet and found my Polar Bear 5K bag. I read about Brock and tears filled my eyes. I shared his story with my husband and we cried together. It reminded us how precious our time is together and how we needed to run to Jesus and not to wordly things. Brock's story makes us want to help others and teach our son about God's purpose for us. It has energized me to "live hard, love hard, and run to Jesus!"

I am praying for you on this difficult anniversary and I thank you for my Brockie band and for what it has meant to my family. I hope you can have some comfort knowing that Brock's life has influenced us so greatly.


Anonymous said...

Nita - I am so glad that you mentioned yesterday's weather! As soon as I got up yesterday morning I went into the playroom (the boys were already in there) and we got down on our knees to pray for you. As part of my prayer I thanked God for the beautiful day, because I felt like your day would be even worse if it were raining. When I finished the prayer Harper said "I bet God made it pretty on purpose for them." I'm so glad that he did! I am also glad that you had a beautiful day and I am looking forward to hearing more about it as you feel like sharing. We're still praying for you.

Paige S.

Henley on the Horn said...

Nita, I am sure in some ways today was also a very difficult day because the anticipation and planning for the 31st is over. Now you face more days without Brock, and maybe less distractions right at first. I am thankful that you do not face these days without HOPE. As you have so graciously testified, you have GREAT HOPE in Jesus. He continues to be with you, and we continue to come alongside your family in prayer. B called and told me about yesterday. It sounds like it was a wonderful memorial for your Brock. We so wish we could have joined you. I didn't know Tampa is so far from aTlanta until we moved here. Big hugs.
Ann Henley

Mitzi said...

Hey Nita (and Drew and boys)

I was just procrastinating on starting work and was catching up on some blogs and got led to your blog. Not being in class for a while, we somehow missed realizing that it has been a whole year since sweet Brock's death. Oh how my heart aches for you all over again, but we sure have been praying for you.... at holidays, at the start of school, at summer vacation time, just late at night-when I couldn't sleep, whenever the Lord brought you to mind, and we will continue to.

We love you guys, Mitzi Morrow

{ jamie } said...

You already know that what you share from your heart blesses me, but sometimes I come on here just to read the comments, and I get blessed that way, too. Like Tracy's comment above; does my heart & soul so much good. You are letting Christ work through you in such a big way. ♥

Anita said...

I have read your blog since your Mom told me about it at Church. She
often ask me if I have read your
latest post and we discuss how you
are touching lives. I have been praying for you and your family all
year long.I was especially diligent
last week-end. What a precious time
of worship and praise you had. God
is truly working through you in a powerful way. Please continue to honor Him and the memory of your precious Brock. I will continue to lift all of you up to our Lord in prayer.