Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A prayer for you, a prayer for me

Hey y'all! I have been thinking a lot lately about all of you sweet people that take the time to read my blog. I pray for you each time I come to my blog. I don't know what situation you may be in the middle of in your life when you read this, but God knows. I pray for who He has that will come across each post. Thank you so much also for your encouraging comments on the blog. They mean so much. Welcome also to those of you that are new! I am so humbled you want to join us in seeing God weave our hurt into His beauty.

I have been busy lately as I was down at Scottish Rite Children's Hospital three times last week. Thankfully it was with my healthy children visiting friends of theirs. Our neighbor friend, Steven, had some fluid drained off his hip. He found out he has a chrionic condition and will have to give up baseball. Our dear 12 year old friend, Lily, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. She is doing ok and has been an example of trust as she has overcome her horrible fear of needles. I am praying both these kids will continue to trust in the Lord when they are afraid. (Psalm 56:3-4)

I was doing okay with all the hospital sights and sounds until we were leaving from our last visit. As we walked out the double doors, a wave of grief washed over me. I have been caught in that why? and what if? cycle for the past couple of days. Please pray for me. The winter smell in the air, the crisp breeze, the events that are so similar to last year have made for such intense feelings of missing Brock. Pray also for our health. With hearing people talk about being sick, as happens this time of year, I have found myself fearing that we will get sick again. Pray that we can all stay healthy over the next week just so we don't have to experience that similarity.

As all our thoughts have begun to turn toward January 31st, the day Brock died, we have all experienced a bit of a sad feeling. Continue to pray for each of us to deal straight on with our emotions. Mason our second son has been waking up at night with nightmares about Brock. As he tries to go back to sleep he can't get the dreams out of his head. Please pray for him as this is completely normal given the trauma of Brock's sudden death. Lack of sleep isn't doing any of us any good.

Please also pray as we try to finialize plans for what we want to do on the 31st. If God lays any ideas on your heart about how to honor that day of Brock's homecoming, feel free to share. I will let you all know when we firm up our ideas. Thank you all so much for getting on your knees for us. We love you. Nita


Stephanie said...

Thank you for using your tragedy to encourage others. I am dealing with something that seems very trivial compared to your situation but at the same time so despairing. You give me hope.
Your blog is such a blessing to me.

Lynn Babcock said...

I pray for you so often and ponder the walk you are on all the time. I feel so full of thoughts, prayers and emotions when I see you that almost no words come out. Please know my heart is full and your words bless SO many people. I only wish I could return the blessing. Drew's words were so perfect tonight, as always. It really amazed me that he could be so funny and so open about your grief at the same time. I will continue to be on my knees for you as I ask our AWESOME Father to continue to carry you. The Brockie Bands are perfect.
Love you - Lynn Babcock

Beth said...

I loved the video of sweet Brockie and boy was he fast!!! I remember talking to you last year when the boys were "training" Brock. I love the armband idea and am so proud of your family.
The children and I have talked and we are going to let off baloons for Brockie on the 31st.
I love you!

Henley on the Horn said...

Nita, your blog is such a blessing to so many. I think of you all every day, especially when I hold AH. Whenever I think of you, I pray for you & your family. The anticipation of the 31st has to be tough. The Brockie Bands are beyond perfect! WOW! I just love it. What a sweet remembrance of Brock, and how special that they point us to Christ, as everything we do should. We just had the 1 year anniversary of losing Doug's daddy. The children and I bought balloons. When we came home, we released them one by one and as we did, we told what we loved most about Papa. I taped it in case we want to watch it later. Doug's mama was with us, but Doug was working in Florida. Another idea is to eat some of Brock's favorite foods that day. We have friends whose sister lost her son at age 2, and they have a big family gathering every year on the day he went to Heaven. I think what they do varies from year to year. From what others have said, only you, Drew, and your boys will know what is right for YOUR family. It may change from year to year, but you will know what you can handle emotionally. We love you and pray for you all of the time. Big hugs to all of you!!!! I wish I had a Brockie Band to wear here in Florida!