Tuesday, March 3, 2009


4 years ago today, at 12:17 pm, God blessed us with our 4th son. Brock came into our lives.

So at 12:17, Barrett let go of our first balloon as a family. Then we thanked the Lord for the blessing of Brock's life. In looking back in keepsakes from his birth, I came across a card from our sweet friends, Lee and Beverly Webb. Beverly passed away in October, 2008. She was the first person that we knew and Brock knew that has gone to Heaven since Brock got there. Every night Barrett prays for God to ask her to rock Brock for us.

In the card she sent us to acknowledge his birth, she said, "May God pour out His most special blessings on Brock Browning Meadows and use him to make a beautiful difference in the world!"

Today we celebrate that Beverly's words came true.

Brock, what a difference you made in our lives! Happy Birthday precious!

*** P.S. We have received some of your pictures of your balloon releases. They are sweet. God is using them as a happy on this hard day. ***


Henley on the Horn said...

What precious pictures. We can't wait to see more! I have been home with some sick little ones, so we did not get to release balloons along with you. This does not mean you haven't been on our hearts and minds and in our prayers all day long!!!!
Ann Henley

Anonymous said...

we released three balloons today. the pictures will be on their way. they flew so fast into the sky, we could not get a picture of them in the air, only in our hands. thank you for letting us share in today with you all -- meade & cale