Thursday, March 5, 2009


Wow, we were so overwhelmed by your response! I have marveled at the way God took this little idea (in my mind) and used it in so many ways that I never imagined. For, "His plans are always bigger than ours."

ow to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen. Ephesians 3: 20-21.

From stories of one getting to share at the grocery store why she was buying the balloons when the lady kindly asked,"Is it for a Birthday?" To then another when talking to the lady making the balloons was able to share the reason for our hope is Jesus. Later, the two ladies who are good friends were sharing their stories. They realized that they both had talked to the same lady. God used one of them to sprinkle the seed and the other to water the seed. Another story of a sweet "stranger" who came upon my blog on Tuesday for the first time. She was led to have her two boys say a prayer for us and release two balloons. She said she was reminded how precious and fragile life is. Later that evening her 27 month old fell and had to have stitches. She was thankful she had already been mindful of how quickly life can change and what a privilege it is to smother her little ones with love. Still another story of healing in letting off a balloon for Brock and a second one for the baby they miscarried a few weeks ago. The loss happened just days after they heard the heartbeat for the first time. He wrote, "it was quite a sight to behold as the two balloons went soaring up into the sky set against such an awesome sight as this famous national monument. This simple act certainly symbolized something we've both needed to do for a while now. " I could go on and on with the stories you shared. Please feel free to share them in the comment section for all to be encouraged.

Drew mentioned that he wished we had a time release video of our church as so many let their balloons go from that campus. I think that is such a symbolic picture of the Body of Christ. I believe from looking at the pictures that balloons were released from all sides of the building. It has taken me a bit to get them up because I got the idea to put them in time order and then they got jumbled when I uploaded them. I am glad I did though as the pictures covered from the sunrise on that day to the sunset and evening....symbolic of how we were covered in prayed all day long.

Wow, God you are so amazing! As you look at the pictures I hope you will be reminded of that as you see the beautiful sky God painted for that day.

I don't know if I have all the words to articulate it yet but, there was something special about the act of releasing the balloons. There was certainly an array of emotions as we got tickled at how one balloon made it all the way past many trees to get caught on the last limb before rising above. It reminded us of Brock's cute laugh. There was also the sadness of why we were letting these balloons off. It reminded us of our great loss. Feelings of hope washed over us as we watched the balloons rise to a place beyond ours! It reminded us that we are so thankful for the hope of Heaven we have to be together with Brock again. Finally what an awesome feeling of smallness to look up at that big beautiful blue sky. An incredible feeling of recognizing that the God of the universe is in control and I am not. A reminder that He loves me so much to care about the smallest of details in my life like a blue sky for a sad day.

If you have yet to send your pictures don't worry I will add them in as I get them.



alix cloud said...

I've just been reflecting on many of your recent posts, Nita. I feel like I am so close to Brock when I read them-your memories are strong, tender, and joyous!! I love the thought of the blessing of the homeschooling for your family and the scheduled "Brock" time for the boys. How awesome is God's plan for our families. Whenever I look at the past year or two of the Meadows' family, I am most struck by the little gifts that God gave to you along the way. Your testimony continues to encourage me more and more. Please keep up your calling to share with us out here in cyberspace-your thoughts and words are lyrical and beautiful to read.

love, alix

Amy said...

I am not really sure how I came across your blog. But what a blessing it has been for me today. I have fought off the urge to cry for myself over much lesser trials then the one you have gone thru. But being able to cry for you today has been a gift. I will pray for you and your family. I have 6 children and each one is so precious. I can only imagine your pain. But you faith in the Savior, your love for your family and God and your willingness to turn everything over to Him is so inspiring. After everything He has given us, the only gift we can really give him is our will. My heart aches for what you are going thru, and I know, without even knowing you, that you would trade it if you could. But thank you for sharing your journey with us. I will hug my children a little tighter, I will thank Heavenly Father for my trials that make me stronger. I will remember that this life is not all there is. That if we are faithful here we can be with our families and our Savior and Heavenly Father forever. You will hold him again, breathe in his sweet smell and feel the tremendous joy that you long for. Thank you so much for you example. I am reminded that I have much to be grateful for.

MrsL said...

What a beautiful slideshow. I am always amazed how God uses the littlest things to show His hand. Who could have imagined simple balloons having such a powerful message?

As I scrolled through the pictures I was struck by a thought--in each picture someone had to let go of the balloon and look heavenward with open hands. How much does God long for us to let go of the worries and fears and insecurities we hold and come to Him with open hands? How many blessings do we miss by holdng onto what we deem valuable when the Father has so much more planned for us?

I want to reach for Jesus with open hands, giving all I have and letting go of everything, so that HE alone may be glorified.

Thank you, Nita (and family) for letting God use you for His purposes and His glory even in your darkest hours.

I love you.