Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Today, May 3rd, is Drew's 40th Birthday. He was born the youngest of 4 boys. (That is why he felt he always had such a connection with Brock.)
Our Pastor's wife, Anne, says that we as wives should think of our husbands as the 4 year old little boy they are on the inside. Although he is a big strong man now, his ego is still as fragile as that 4 year old. She suggested putting a picture of them when they were 4 on your mirror to remind you of that precious ego. I love the thought that through his years God was growing him and preparing him for being the man that I would marry. We met and fell in love our senior year at the University of Georgia. We dated for a year and a half, were engaged, then 6 months later were married in 1993.He has been the best Daddy to our 4 boys. He has been a great husband. I always tell him I married him because he makes me laugh. My life has been full and beautiful because of him.

I always felt that God brought us together. As years went on and things in our marriage got hard and sometimes ugly, like they are in everyone's marriage, I would occasionally think, "OK, Lord, are you sure You knew what You were doing?!"(I am joking...but not really...understand?) After Brock's death, I have never been so sure that God prepared us for one another, brought us together, and made us one in Him. He prepared our marriage for such a time as this. A covenant for richer or poorer, in sickness or health.

It has been my privilege to walk through life...and death with Drew. I love you baby, Happy Birthday!


Henley on the Horn said...

So sweet! Happy 40th, Drew!!! You are an amazing father and husband. I didn't realize you all started dating your senior year... that means my first Valentine's date with Doug was your first with Drew... we all spent that night together! How fun to see that we are all happily married now. I loved this post and all of the precious pictures. Happy, happy Birthday, Drew!!!

Paige Stanfield said...

Happy late birthday Drew!!! I love the pictures - especially the one with the shades and the slicked back hair! God bless you!

thewades5 said...

Happy Birthday Drew! Nita thank you for the reminder that our husband's are as fragile as little boys. Are you sure that's not Asa wearing that Raider football jersey?

{ jamie } said...

I LOVE those old photos! Especially the sunglasses one and the one with the missing teeth; except for teeth, he looks just the same now. ;-)
I just love you two. Tell Drew a big ol' HAPPY BIRTHDAY from us!

Tina said...

Awe, Nita. What a wonderful way to honor your husband on his birthday. Happy Birthday, Drew!
I have been missing you guys since for various reasons we haven't been in SS lately. So glad to catch up with you electronically!