Sunday, September 27, 2009

5 eggs, An Anniversary and a Give-Away

A few weeks ago God used another one of His people to encourage me. A sweet friend, Meade, and her two precious girls brought me by a little "happy." She is actually a sorority sister of mine (although I am a few years older) and the wife of a fraternity brother of Drew's. She and her husband, Cale, have been one of many couples that have faithfully prayed for us, supported us and encouraged us since Brock's death. They are precious to us. She gave me a beautiful necklace. When I opened it in front of her, I was almost speechless. I was able to hold it together until she left. I then went to my room, sat down in my chair and just cried. I did not cry because her gift made me sad; I cried because once again, God encouraged me in the perfect way at the perfect time. At the time, I found myself in some intense grief over Brock. I was missing him so desperately. The reality of the new baby had also hit. I found myself in such a strange place of being sad over Brock's life that seemed to leave our family too soon, yet wanting to be joyful over this little life that is about to join our family very soon.
As I pulled the necklace out of the bag, Meade pointed out to me that it had five eggs in the nest to represent my five children. The necklace was beautiful. I adored it immediately. It is so delicately hand crafted by Jenny. But, what I loved even more, was the thought that there was an egg for each of my children. This was really the first acknowledgment by someone, other than us and my obstetrician, of us having 5 children. Sitting in my chair moments later, God reminded me that yes I do have 5 children by His blessing. This seemed to be exactly what my heart needed to hear.

I often have a hard time describing my feelings of deep grief. As I lay it at Jesus' feet, I trust that the Holy Spirit interprets my motherly groans just as He promised in Romans 8:26 - In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express. Sometimes I never do get the right words to put with the emotions, but I know when He brings me peace to the situation. He reminded me of the Hope of seeing Brock again and that just because he was no longer seen (or heard) here, he was still mine. With the addition of this new baby, I would have 5 children, not 4 again. He showed me that each one of the freshwater pearls is unique and precious in its on way; so are my children. God's plan for each one of them also is different, and I will love them in different ways. My love for Brock will continue and it will not be threatened by my love for this new baby. The birth of this new baby will bring us joy, not pain.

A year ago this week, I started this blog. It felt so...unlike me. I still struggle with fears before I post any entry. God has blessed me in so many ways through this "strange" outlet as I step out and trust Him each time. So many of you encourage me greatly through your comments, whether you post on the blog, send me an email, or just tell me when you see me. God uses you more than you'll ever know! celebrate my blogaversary (with a word I made up), I am having a give-away. Jenny of jennypickle designs has generously agreed to donate a "Mother's necklace" to one of the readers of my blog. She is also a mother who has lost a child and is greatly honored to do this. She will custom make it just for you with the number of eggs you want in your nest.

So I will open the comments up to this give-away. I know many of you have told me you don't know how to comment. Just click on the word "comments" at the end of the post. If you have a gmail account, you can use that. If you have a blogger account you can use that. If not just comment as anonymous and then be sure to sign your name. The code they ask you to verify is just so Blogger can make sure that you are real and not some computer spam.

When you comment, I thought it would be fun to have everyone answer the question of, "How many eggs would be in your nest?" I realize not everyone of you are moms. If you don't have children, you could answer how many children were in your family growing up. I also realize that some of you are waiting desperately for God to bless you with a child; please know that I have already prayed for you. You might include one precious egg in your nest as an acknowledgment of the desire you have and the hope you have for the Lord's timing in your life.

So let the fun begin. I will put the names in a hat and let the boys draw one for me this Thursday night after 9pm, eastern time. If you don't win, be sure to still check out Jenny's store anyway...AND drop a hint for those buying you a Christmas present or buy one yourself for a special mom that you know.


thewades5 said...

Nita, Your blog always blesses me. Last week I shared your "Shelter in the Storm" with a friend of mine who lost her mom to MS alittle over 4 years ago. When she sees a red bird she thinks of her mama and feels as if it is God sending her a sign that her Mama is whole again and doing fine with Him. :o) So, I knew your words and the pictures would be of a huge encouragement to her. They were.

I have 3 eggs in my nest.
Love you,
Amy Wade

Henley on the Horn said...

As you know, Doug & I are always praying for you. I'm glad you know that loving this new baby does not diminish your love for Brock. It's amazing how the Lord just multiplies our love rather than dividing it, isn't it?! I love the necklace. Like you, we have 5 eggs in our nest!!

Beth said...

Sweet friend,
What a blessing to read your post and see what Meade brought you to remind you of your 5 precious children.
You look beautiful on your blog and glowing with sweet baby number 5. I am praying for you as you anticipate the birth. We have 3 eggs in our nest.
We love you!

Beth R. said...

Hi Nita,
I love the ways God meets you right where you are! Thank you so much for sharing and being so vulnerable with all of us. I'm praying for your family! I have two eggs in my nest right now.....not sure how many God will end up putting in there :-)
Beth Ramsey

Anonymous said...

We often want time to stand still when we lose someone. We don't want time to continue without our loved one. You have put into words what many have felt and are feeling in their grief process. As you know, I have 6 eggs in my nest!

kathy.browning said...

Happy Blogaversary!!!(I make stuff up all the time!) Beautiful Sister!!
My Heart jumped to see such a beautiful photo of you glowing on the page. Your blog has been such a sorce of encouragement for so many. Touching so many lives, homes and hearts. God has given you yet another indescribable gift (a word I am constantly explaining to my Awana kids)to be able to touch so many in his name.Please continue the journey to help keep all of us focused on him, and to remind us to look for his blessings he has given us each day and to not live live so casually ( a word you once used that hit me like a ton of bricks) that we let them pass us by without much thought or acknowledgement to the Father. Thank you Sweet Jesus for Nita! I love you Beautiful sister!! Kathy

Tina said...

We have been so honored to pray for your family and thank you so much for updating us.

I have two eggs in my nest right now with the dream of having as many more as the Lord is willing to give us.

Victoria said...

You are doing a fabulous job with your blog - I hope it ministers to you as well as it does to the rest of us.

dreaclark said...

I have 2 eggs in my nest. I gave birth to beautiful boy/girl twins this past summer. We lost our sweet Lily just 8 days after she was born. It is indescribable to experience the absolute joy over the life of our son, while at the same time feeling complete devastation over the loss of our daughter.
I will be frequenting your site to help me along. You offer such encouragement to me!

Kristen Shepard said...

It's always a treat to read your blog entries and see the Lord blessing you every day!!! The picture of you is beautiful... you have a sweet look on your face as you are anticipating the arrival of this latest blessing from God, and showing all of us the gift from your sweet friend!
Please know we continue to pray for the health of this precious baby and you!
In Him,
PS: we have 3 eggs in our nest

Patsy said...

This morning before getting out of bed, I prayed for you. Then when I got up I turned my computer on and pulled your blog to read again the storm. I WAS excited to see you had
a new blog posted. As I read it I wanted to put my tennis shoes on and run all the way to Roswell to give you a big hug and a kiss. I thank God daily for the blessings He has given us through you. You are very special and the Holy Spirit shines in you and your wonderful family. My basket has 3 eggs plus 11 and 2 GG 'S. My Love, Mama

Anonymous said...


Thank you for blessing my life through this blog. I've never walked away from an entry without tears. You have taught me so much.

I will continue to pray for you and your whole family.

I have 3 eggs in my nest.

Kelly Kimberlin

Anonymous said...

i am so delighted you love your necklace. as i said, i was so nervous that the egg placement was not perfect, but each has a place in the nest - and this is what matters most.

i feel like i have 3 eggs in my nest. i am not sure if it is for my 2 girls and the baby we lost during my pregnancy, or if god has another precious one out there waiting for us. god only knows! love you, the conleys

Anonymous said...

Nita - I have been blessed by your blog and pray for your family often. You inspire me. I've shared your blog with many others who have needed to see God at work. Thank you.

P.S. I have 2 eggs in my nest and will see if God plans for more. Also, thanks for telling me how to comment. I feel "dumb" but I'm not a blogger and tried to comment once before and failed. I'm not sure how that is possible since I now see how easy it is.

Diana Cooke

Mabe Babe Blog said...

I have been following you for a while now. I have 1 egg in my nest, but hope for more. I would love to win this necklace as a gift to my cousin Kimberly who lost her sweet baby boy, Montana on January 31 of this year. I htink she would love this precios symbol of his life. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

MommaF8 said...

Dear Miss Nita,
Today was the first time I visited your blog. I don't even know "how" I got here. I do know it was by God's design...& I am truly grateful!
I have 7 wonderful children (& going on 6 grandchildren!)& I would love to win this necklace for #2 daughter who lost her only child, her son (my first grandson) at the age of 22 months. He's been gone a year now, & I think this would be sweet reminder.
Thank you for doing this. Please know you & your family will forever be in my prayers!

Anonymous said...


I am touched and encouraged everytime I read your blog. You have a wonderful gift of expression. As I said, I have been praying for you and your family.

You are absolutely glowing in your picture!

Laura Heller

PS - I have 2 eggs in my nest.

The Giveaway Diva said...

i'm so sorry to hear about your loss! but god has blessed you with your children for a reason!

ps i have five eggs!! this is for my mom!!


ruby said...

what a beautiful story!!! so sorry that you lost him at such a short age! but i'm sure his live was full of love and laughter!

i have three egss at the moment but i am hoping for a fourth!!!


Erica said...

you will lalways be an amazing mother of 5! I'm sure that your son is looking down and proud at how you and your family is living thier lives! You are truly an insperation!!!

i have four and hoping for another one! =)

ericaloves (!at)

Anonymous said...

what a blessing and a great reminder of your son!

I would love five eggs to represent my amazing family!


Kate said...

dear nita your blog is truly a blessing! you are such a strong women and i truly support that! Thank you for all that you do!

i have four eggs

glittergurl04 (at)

Michelle said...

Dear nita

the strength that you display really is an inspiration to people when they are going through a difficult time, so thank you for that!

Ps I have five eggs, I would like each to represent each amazing grandchild that i have!


Nicole said...

what a blessing to be reminded of you son and that you can always wear a symbol of him and your love around your neck! He was so lucky to have you as a mom just as how you were lucky to have him! Thank you so much for holding this giveaway! If i won it would mean so much to me!

swtdreamer16 (at)hotmail(dot)com

Nicole said...

opps sorry i made a mistake my eamil is actually swtdreamer16 (at)gmail (dot) com not hotmail!

Dani said...

that story was very touching! It is always so hard to lose someone especially if that someone is a child! You are very inspiring! keep up the good work on you blog!

Thanks for the amazing giveaway!! I would love to give this to my mom!


Katelin said...

Dear Nita, my heart just broke when i read your story! I can't even begin to imagine what the pain of losing a child would feel like! Your strength and grace is amazign! Keep inspiring people through your blog!

I would love to give this necklace to someone very special if i won!

katelin_l (at)hotmail (dot)com

Paige Stanfield said...

Hey Nita! God rocks, doesn't He? And if I don't win that necklace, I just may have to buy one from your friend anyway - I love it! And as you know, I have 3 eggs!

Emily said...

Nita- I cannot wait to see how God blesses your entire family with this new little baby. You are an amazing mom with such wisdom. You blog always seems to appear in my inbox when i wake up to nurse Wyatt at 4AM and I love reading it SO much!!! I have enjoyed so much getting to know your family, and the times i shared with you and your boys this summer were so fun. I look forward to a playgroup in the near future with out babies together!!! I'll see you tomorrow!!! I have 3 eggs. :)

MrsL said...

Nita, I never see you and Drew with fewer than five children. Brock is always part of your family; death can't take that away because for believers, there IS no death. Separation is brutally hard, but this new baby IS child number FIVE---and he or she is a special blessing from God to bring you joy in the midst of agony.

Not many people here know that my nest contains four eggs...and someday I will meet the son I never knew.

Anonymous said...

you continue to bless me. Reading your blog once again brought tears to my eyes... tears of joy and sorrow, and joy again. Our Lord is awesome and I thank Him for getting to meet you and to be your neighbor.
My nest would have three eggs in it...long story I will tell you one day.

Elena Corbett

Anonymous said...


Your blog is so encouraging. The necklace is beautiful. I took a peek at the web site by Jenny. Thank you for offering this giveaway. I have 5 eggs including our precious Graham and hoping for whatever number God will give me.

Theresa Sykes

Anonymous said...

Dear Nita, I am always so excited to receive a new blog from you. Your spirituality always encourages me to not just go through the motions, as in Mathew West's song. I know that your blog has been a blessing to so many, as it has to me. As you know, I have 3 miracle eggs. You look beautiful...beaming and glowing. Continued prayers to you and your family. Love, Julie Janowiak

Anonymous said...

Dear Nita, WOW! So many precious gifts; from beautiful freinds and family to ones just touched by your blog to five wonderful eggs in your nest and your powerful relationship with your Lord. You are so inspiring to so many especially me, your big sister. The way your faith helps you see the Lord in everyday happenings encourages all of us. You are a precious gift to all of us. I have 3 precious eggs in my nest. I love you. Lyn

Anonymous said...

Molly made a comment about your link:

"loved reading your blog, as always! hope that you and your family are doing good-- you are in my prayers. I have 3 eggs in my nest-- what a neat concept- thanks for including me in the 'drawing'- so fun!!!"


Anonymous said...

Lisa made a comment about your link:

"Ricky & I keep you close in our hearts & prayers! God has used you in ways, some of which you are not even aware. Your faith is so unbelievable and I know that it is your saving grace. Thank you for sharing."

Anonymous said...

Suzanne made a comment about your link:

"Always love reading your blog.. It is so beautiful and your faith is like nothing I have ever seen! We keep you and your family in our prayers everday!!"