Sunday, November 22, 2009


We have been home now for a week. We are beginning to get into a little routine. Feed Lila Jane, change Lila Jane, and hold Lila Jane. She is very content. Of course, she is never put down.

My recovery is going well. I am feeling well. Friends are taking care of us by filling up our Care Calender with meals to bring. I thought I would share a few more photos.

Lila Jane came home from the hospital in the outfit that all her older brothers wore. She did wear a pink one-sie underneath, instead of a blue one, of course.

Her daddy won on this one saying that tradition was more important than fashion...we will see how long that holds!

Barrett brought Brock's "Buddy" (teddy bear) to the hospital with the passed down Big Brother shirt. Barrett had said a while back, "This would be Brock's now." Before leaving the hospital, we sat Buddy beside Lila Jane.

She was hungry and reached up and looked just like she was giving Brock's bear a kiss. Drew and I melted into a puddle of tears.

At home we have had lots of fun. She is adored by all her brothers...and especially her Daddy. In this picture, I love Drew's gray hair. It reminds me of God's great plans that we could never have imagined. I am reminded of Sarah's laugh when God told Abraham she would bear a child in her old age (See Genesis 18). I had to try hard to control my emotions the other day when I had just finished nursing and looked through the mail to find I had received a notice about needing a mammogram.

If you haven't yet heard Steven Curtis Chapman's new album, Beauty Will Rise. It is wonderful. So many people mentioned his song Heaven is the Face to us. Our friends Brad and Shannon gave us the CD. The title song Beauty will Rise is gorgeous. This picture reminds us that yes - out of our ashes, Beauty has come.

Oh, I could just eat her up!

After I took this picture, I picked Lila Jane up and just sat and rocked. I was looking at her with that new mother amazement that she was "ours." My heart was so full. Then before I could stop them, tears were streaming down my cheek. So close to my joy over Lila Jane came grief over Brock. I long to see his reaction over Lila Jane. I was overwhelmed with wishing they both could be here with me. I gently heard the Lord whisper, "One day, they will be, one day!"

Oh God. Hold me close til then.


Lindsey said...

Oh oh oh precious little girl! I love her soooo much! What a blessing

Henley on the Horn said...

I cry every time. Lila Jane is as precious as her four older brothers. I can hardly wait to meet her!!!

Paige Stanfield said...

I'm so glad to hear from you and that you all are doing well. She is gorgeous!

Michelle Newbold said...

Lifting you up!

Tina said...

How precious! It is so encouraging to see God's work in your family. Thank you for sharing the grief and the joy with us.

Elisabeth O'Brien said...

Lila Jane is just as beautiful and precious as can be!

natalie Wideman said...

So good to see you all, especially sweet Lila Jane!
Glad ya'll are doing well.

Anonymous said...

She is so, so sweet!!
Julie Gallion

Anonymous said...

Oh Nita and Drew, she is beautiful!!! What a precious blessing. I really want to bring Susie and Mark to Atlanta sometime in 2010 to see Drew again, meet Nita and for all of us to meet all of your children. They are all beautiful. Love - Gaby

Anonymous said...


She is absolutely Gorgeous! I was moved to tears just seeing her sweet face. Please email me your caring calendar code so I can help out. As soon as I can take a breath from work, Im going shopping for baby girl clothes. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

Laura Heller