Friday, September 18, 2009

Family Of Faith

This was a video our church did a couple of months ago when our pastor was doing a sermon on The Family of Faith. I am so thankful for our Family of Faith at our church and especially the "extended" family that God has blessed us with throughout life and this blog.

I feel that we are in a place of being very needy again. Believe me when you have received so many blessings from you sweet people as we have, it is with a little bit of hesitancy that I even ask for more. But, I am always so encouraged by your prayers, that I have come to know I need them. God also reminded me that prayer is one of the ways He involves us in His work. It is a way we get to show His love to others. So if you have some extra time, would you once again include us in your prayer time? Yes, I know many of you have never stopped praying for us. I am humbled and appreciative.

Some specific things we have coming our way: I have prayed that God would show me the right time for me to go through Brock's room. I have not packed away one thing of his since he died. We have all enjoyed his room as all of us spend time in there. I have found each of the boys in there playing with his toys, hugging his teddy bear, lying on his bed or praying in his room. We have all enjoyed having that "place" in our home that reminds us of the years we had with Brock. It is a wierd sort of thing...all the things that I would have easily gotten rid of if Brock were here now have some attachment as each one provokes a precious memory when I see it. Am I afraid that those memories will go if I let go of the things? I guess I need to ask God about that so He can show me.

There have been stages of letting go; I am sure this is another level I must go through. I recall the boys questions, when we found out we were again pregnant, about which room would be the baby's room. I seemed to answer so easily then. Well now that the time is drawing close, it is getting harder for me. I know that my anxious thoughts don't include God walking through each step of the process with me. I know He will be there and will guide me in ways I can't think of. "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord. Isaiah 55:8" We have a bassinet that goes in our bedroom for when the boys are tiny, so I know that if preparing the room does not happen before the baby is born, he/she will at least have a place to sleep.

I would like to take Brock's clothes and make a quilt for each of the boys. This complicates the issue of cleaning out the room as I feel I will need to decide which clothes I want to cut up and which ones I want to leave whole, so that when I look at them, I can remember Brock's size. Pray for that process and someone to do the quilting as I wish I could do it myself, but I can't.

We are not very close on the name for this baby. We have many opinions now as all the boys are older and it is not just Drew and me picking the name. Pray we will all come to agreement.

Drew's business continues to do well but needs to grow more. We have been blessed, but the economy is causing a number of his clients to go out of business, which impacts us. Please pray as we trust the Lord to provide.

I had a Dr's appointment yesterday. I learned two weeks ago that I have gestational diabetes. I have never had this before with my other pregnancies. So far it has not been too hard to adjust my diet to keep it in control. At my appointment yesterday, they took another look at the baby. The baby is doing just great. Praise God! Please pray for continued health for the baby and me.

The official due date is November 11, 2009. I will have a C-section. Please pray for Dr. Hirsch and the delivery.

Y'all are wonderful!! Thank you for letting me share here. If I can pray for you, please leave a comment or send me an email. I would be honored to return the blessing.


{ jamie } said...

We have continued to pray for you all, but thank you so much for sharing specific ways we can be praying now.

Mabe Babe Blog said...

I just surfed onto your site for the first time. You had left a comment on my blog when my family was hurting greatly that you were praying for us. You have no idea how much it means to me that complete strangers prayed for us in our grief. Things are getting better, but it is almost time for Montana's birthday soon, and we could use some prayers. I am praying for your peace and strength to clean out the baby's room. What a hard thing to do!

Lindsey said...

Ms. Nita, I am praying always and think of Brockie all the time. I had a dream (and I hardly ever dream at) the other night that I was baby sitting for you guys!Isn't that neat? It made me excited about a new "Meadow" for me to love on, but it also made me sad because I miss all the special times I had baby sitting Brock. Love y'all!

Alicia said...

Praying for your sweet family and your pregnancy.

Natalie Wideman said...

Hi Nita,
Great video and blog. I have searched a few sites for 'baby clothes' quilts for myself in the past and I thought looked pretty good. I also thought to myself, "I could probably do this." I am not a quilter and i don't know what you are looking for specifically but I'm here if you need my sewing skills friend. love you-

Henley on the Horn said...

Nita and Drew,
We continue to pray for you all. I can't imagine having to go through Brock's things, but I love the idea of a quilt for each of the boys. What a precious gift. I have heard of people making teddy bears too. Maybe you could give one to the new baby!

As the Lord brings you this new life, it's okay to grieve over Brock. You miss him. You wish he was still here. It's also okay to be happy and to love this new baby. It's okay to smile and delight in him or her. We are with you on the journey, though miles separate us.

Michelle Newbold said...

Hey sweet friend. Praying for you as you make all these decisions. I had gestational diabetes once and was very borderline to having it again another time. Please feel free to ask me if you have any questions. I found the best thing was to balance protein with a small amount of carbs - and I found some power bars that were good for snacks. It's all about reading labels! Helen Cuneo is a great seamstress - don't know if she has done quilting but I would ask her. Also I think Staci Waddle was looking for someone to make a quilt so she might know someone. Praying for you as you sort all this out...

Sondra said...

Hey sweet Nita!

Please know that we continue to lift your entire family up to our Father. His timing for all of this will be perfect! I too had gestational diabetes with Benjamin-he was the cutest, chubbiest little baby you could ever imagine! I remember the dietitian saying that the way she was teaching me to eat while I was gestational wasn't a bad way to eat all of the time(not that I did that!!!)

Lifting you up to our Father. Sondra

Paige Stanfield said...

Hey Nita - I didn't know that Dr. Hirsch was the doctor you wrote about a few months ago - he delivered Harper! He's not my regular doc but was the one on call that day. You are in good hands!

It will be an honor to lift up your new requests. Love ya!